среда, 12. новембар 2008.


I was installing APEX on Ubuntu 8.04 installing oracle xe files typing from command terminall
sudo dpkg -i oracle-xe_10.2.0.1-1.0_i386.deb
after installing packages need type
'/etc/init.d/oracle-xe configure'
type 8080
1521 and SYSTEM or SYS and password
'/etc/init.d/oracle-xe start'

as root user to configure database

APEX 2.0 on UBUNTU 8.04 with database space of 4 GbytesLINUX

петак, 31. октобар 2008.

asset management

Asset management have one main pages ASSET (with pk and fk referenced by asset char, asset state, asset history and more other assets)
Main pages are at>http://htmldb.oracle.com/pls/otn/f?p=38485:1:2547506111682738:::::

Fig 1: Main pages Asset Management. From left
side user can add new categories, states, conditions
performances and other attributess.
Додај слику

субота, 30. август 2008.

Apex and Ebs

I was installing web applications using apex 2/3.0.
Apex 3.1.0 have 20 templates which can implement user interfaces (forms) with insert/update
dates into tables (using trigger sequences mechanisms). At that moment I m waiting Apex 3.2 which will completed so nearly

This is themes have apex 3.1 installation and theres basic for Web Applications. Using AJAX developer can modify forms.

понедељак, 25. август 2008.

duplicate code, street_name and street_number

I was creating way how to solve problem with duplicate code, street_name and street_number.
so ther's duplicate code querys:

I have tableA(code, street_name,street_number, att1, att2) and theres duplicate code, street_name and street_numbers.
I was found duplicate code using:

select code from tableA where code in (select code from tableA group by code having count(*) >1)

but in meantime, code was changed and I have other code and old street_name and old street_number,
so tableA now have :
oldCODE,street_name, street_number and newCODE, street_name, street_number --- duplicate street_name and street_number!.
tableA have 7000 records.
Question is how found this duplicate street_name and street_number with this different code (old and new CODE)?

select STREET_NAME, STREET_NUMBER, max(ltrim(sys_connect_by_path(CODE,' - '),' -')) keep (dense_rank last order by length(sys_connect_by_path(CODE,' - ')))duplicate_code

connect by prior CODE < CODE
and prior street_name =street_name
and prior street_number = street_number

having count(*)>1;

And ther's list of Street_Name, Street_Number, duplicate_CODE
100 of 15000 records!
So need update old code as 'NO ACTIVE'

петак, 22. август 2008.

HURIDOC apex information documentation system

Its reprogramming existing application writen on ms access
with that web (client server) on:

When user login into this documentation system, can see options from main menu
Users can change, edit or only read informations according rolles

четвртак, 21. август 2008.

apex insert/update forms

I was creating sample application with insert/update forms and small html (based on javascript and css support) pages on
This is basic of asset managemens web implementation technology's.