петак, 17. април 2009.

Adempiere 3.52 Oracle Application Express10g

Adempiere 3.52 is smart Enterprise Resource planning system, and offer good support for management and all enterprise activity.
Main page looking like above>
Figure 1> Main page Adempiere smart ERP system
Oracle Application Express 10g is database and have relation tables

Figure 2> AD_MENU table with attributes
Figure 3> Main Window and product setup
Figure 4> Main window and Financial setup
Figure 5> Wirh Oracle 10g need setup users, login as SYSTEM and PASSWORD from installations, and setup ADEMPIERE/ADEMPIERE
Figure 6> Setup ADEMPIERE/ADEMPIERE on Oracle Apex,
Figure 7 > Imports of Adempiere.dmp file into user Adempiere
This is installation Adempiere smart ERP on Windows platform

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